In recent times, we have seen a complete mind shift in work culture, including the increasing acceptability of the concept of working from home.

Employees have now found themselves in a position where they are working from home quite frequently. It’s now becoming evident that many organisations will continue to adapt this flexible working arrangement, even after workplaces go back to their usual working routines.

And of course, with this, comes a longing for a comfortable and stylish space in the home to work from. Because, let’s face it, a beautiful and functional room or space is exactly what we all need to motivate us to work to our full potential! Ok, maybe our work ethic goes beyond this, but it certainly helps.

Let’s explore some options for the office space in the home.

The nook

For many of us, a dedicated room or large space for an office in the home is just not practical. Particularly with city living, we need to make good use of every nook and cranny we have, which brings us to our ‘nook look’.

The Maxwell Desk is sleek, classy and functional. It combines textures of a metal frame, a panelled oak veneer case with two drawers and a contrasting matt marble top. You just can’t look past the Maxwell for a luxurious, compact working space.

This gorgeous marble desk pairs beautifully with the stunning Abigail Arm Chair in velvet. This chair oozes elegance and class!

The functional, stylish space

Who else loves to love where they work?  In a home office, you can get really stylish, really quickly without having to do much at all! A clean, minimalistic approach is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for sophistication! It’ll also allow you to work with a clear mind and help get you through your work day (along with a lot of coffee, of course!).

We absolutely love the pairing of the gorgeous BOK Dining Table with the BOK Chair to create a clean, minimalistic and contemporary feel!

For those of us who need a compartment for everything (or those who simply want to hide their mess… we all know one), the Billy Box Drawer Unit is both functional and stylish. Designed to fit under all desks, this piece makes it easy to organise all of those bits and pieces you use on the daily but don’t want to display.

The home office

If you’ve got the space to use an entire room as a home office, consider yourself lucky! A home office space can include endless possibilities to finish the look of your work space and increase functionality.

Whether you want to brighten up your space or create a tranquil mood, a shelving unit can be so versatile and styled however you please.

We are loving the oak textures of the Whitebird Desk and Blackbird Rack. Along with the black Facette Dining Chair, the combination of these pieces brings about a sense of warmth and sophistication – perfect for that home office!

Something simple

To create a simple, modern office space, we are loving the Oak Office U Desk, which is charming and elegant. With the subtle, natural wood grain of oak, and its simple, bold lines, the U Desk is a graceful addition to a simple office space in the home. And how beautiful is the Quattro Arm Chair?! Its angled legs add height, perfect for desk seating. Its simplistic, modern design pairs beautifully with the U desk.

The icing on the cake

Whichever style option you go with, you just can’t dismiss the need to accessorise with decor. A bold statement vessel or lamp paired with an artificial plant will go a long way. And of course, every room needs a bit of artwork!

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