It’s no secret that the living room is ‘where life happens’, as we at Kenz like to put it. This is where we sit on the couch, put our feet up, sip on wine and have long chats; where we watch our children play with their toys while we have a family movie playing in the background; where we host our friends for tea and dessert after that Sunday barbecue. It’s the space in our home where we put in the most thought and effort when it comes to design.

So then, begs the question – how does one style the living room?

Once you discover your personal taste, the styling, colours and textures will come together. But there are some simple tips and tricks you can follow to ensure you get the most out of your space!

Mood board

Before the design process begins, it’s important to discover or confirm your personal styling taste as well as your must-have pieces and accessories on a mood board. This can be a really fun process – don’t hesitate to try new styles and different combinations before settling on the perfect pieces for your space! Your mood board will evolve as you start to choose your pieces and confirm what works for you.

Check out a couple of examples below of mood boards we’ve created in the past:

The focal point 

Wherever your eyes land as soon as you enter your living space – that’s your focal point. The focal point could be wallpaper, a fireplace, a large window with a view, a large artwork or mirror or a statement furniture piece.

A focal point should invite you to enter further into the room but it doesn’t need to be the centre of the room.

So, what’s your focal point? Here are some ideas to start you off:

Project by Kenz Designs – gorgeous custom-made floor to ceiling sheer curtains coupled with our custom-made Chanel sofa in a bold velvet instantly draw you into this space. 

Photo by GlobeWest – this stunning fireplace surrounded by the raw texture of a brick wall is so inviting. 

The conversation starter 

Choosing a sofa or a combination of sofas and occasional chairs can be quite the task! This will be determined by the style of your living space. Does your home have a minimalistic and modern feel, a classic luxury feel or a Hamptons feel? Do you prefer a bold and plush sofa or a sleek slimline sofa? Here at Kenz we offer a wide range of custom-made sofas, all made in Australia with a solid timber frame and a 10-year warranty. These sofas are very affordable and have only a 4-week lead time! Take a look at a few to see if any of these tickles your fancy!

The custom-made Zoe sofa – bold, plush and beautiful from every angle.

The custom-made Roxy sofa – slimline, modern design brings elegance and an airy feel. 

The custom-made Belle sofa – linearity and symmetry provide a simple and classy look.

And how about an occasional chair or two to bring the room together!


The ever-so-luxurious Darcy and Duke Coco Velvet Slipper Chair

Stunning Darcy and Duke Kennedy Armchair 


The existing type of flooring you have in your home will determine the type of additional flooring you choose (should you choose to add any extra flooring at all!). If you have tiles or floorboards, it may be wise to add a rug to frame your living room while maintaining open space living and bringing warmth to the room. If your existing flooring is dark, a light rug might create contrast and open up the space.

A rug is the perfect opportunity to start telling the story of your living space which is carried through to your cushions, decor and accessories. Choosing a larger rug can create the illusion of a larger living room; Always choose a larger rug over a smaller one. Textures and multiple tones of rugs can instantly bring character to the room.

North Sydney project designed by Kenz Designs.

Haymarket project designed by Kenz Designs. 


Experimenting with the vertical aspect of your room can completely change the visual dimensions of that room. For example, the addition of a floor-to-ceiling wall cabinet can create the illusion of a larger space.

If you’re lucky enough to have some extra space, an effective alternative would be a sideboard or entertainment unit to bring character to the room. A sideboard can speak volumes about your personal styling and taste. It can also double as some extra storage – because, let’s face it, we all need a bit of that!

Photo by Ethnicraft featuring the Teak Graphic Black Sideboard.

Photo by GlobeWest – the Marley buffet – the detail is in the panelling, this piece brings personality to the living space. 

Project designed by us, featuring the Dahlia Entertainment Unit – Rippled detail creates textured interest and plenty of storage.

Space and balance 

It’s important to note that overall, regardless of your personal style, you should always consider balancing the quantity and size of furniture pieces and decor with the space you have available to you.

Colour and tone also play a role here. Although you may be certain of having a ‘light and airy’ space or a ‘dark and deep’ space, there should be small contrasts within your living space to offset the overall colour and tone of your room.

Have a look at this gorgeous project of ours which is a perfect example of achieving this balance.

Project designed by Kenz Designs 

Decor and accessories 

This is your perfect opportunity to choose those distinctive pieces – those finishing touches – which mean something special to you.

These pieces should continue to tell the story of your journey to creating your amazing space.

This shouldn’t be complicated – whatever brings you happiness and is pleasing to your eye – these are the pieces you should choose to compliment your living space.

Have a peek at these decor ideas – part of several projects, designed by our team at Kenz Designs:

For more tips and tricks on how to style your space or to speak to our interior designer, feel free to contact us via our socials, email or visit us at our Showroom!

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