Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect Living Room

It’s no secret that the living room is ‘where life happens’, as we at Kenz like to put it. This is where we sit on the couch, put our feet up, sip on wine and have long chats; where we watch our children play with their toys while we have a family movie playing in the background; where we host our friends for tea and dessert after that Sunday barbecue. It’s the space in our home where we put in the most thought and effort when it comes to design.

So then, begs the question – how does one style the living room?

Once you discover your personal taste, the styling, colours and textures will come together. But there are some simple tips and tricks you can follow to ensure you get the most out of your space!

Mood board

Before the design process begins, it’s important to discover or confirm your personal styling taste as well as your must-have pieces and accessories on a mood board. This can be a really fun process – don’t hesitate to try new styles and different combinations before settling on the perfect pieces for your space! Your mood board will evolve as you start to choose your pieces and confirm what works for you.

Check out a couple of examples below of mood boards we’ve created in the past:

The focal point 

Wherever your eyes land as soon as you enter your living space – that’s your focal point. The focal point could be wallpaper, a fireplace, a large window with a view, a large artwork or mirror or a statement furniture piece.

A focal point should invite you to enter further into the room but it doesn’t need to be the centre of the room.

So, what’s your focal point? Here are some ideas to start you off:

Project by Kenz Designs – gorgeous custom-made floor to ceiling sheer curtains coupled with our custom-made Chanel sofa in a bold velvet instantly draw you into this space. 

Photo by GlobeWest – this stunning fireplace surrounded by the raw texture of a brick wall is so inviting. 

The conversation starter 

Choosing a sofa or a combination of sofas and occasional chairs can be quite the task! This will be determined by the style of your living space. Does your home have a minimalistic and modern feel, a classic luxury feel or a Hamptons feel? Do you prefer a bold and plush sofa or a sleek slimline sofa? Here at Kenz we offer a wide range of custom-made sofas, all made in Australia with a solid timber frame and a 10-year warranty. These sofas are very affordable and have only a 4-week lead time! Take a look at a few to see if any of these tickles your fancy!

The custom-made Zoe sofa – bold, plush and beautiful from every angle.

The custom-made Roxy sofa – slimline, modern design brings elegance and an airy feel. 

The custom-made Belle sofa – linearity and symmetry provide a simple and classy look.

And how about an occasional chair or two to bring the room together!


The ever-so-luxurious Darcy and Duke Coco Velvet Slipper Chair

Stunning Darcy and Duke Kennedy Armchair 


The existing type of flooring you have in your home will determine the type of additional flooring you choose (should you choose to add any extra flooring at all!). If you have tiles or floorboards, it may be wise to add a rug to frame your living room while maintaining open space living and bringing warmth to the room. If your existing flooring is dark, a light rug might create contrast and open up the space.

A rug is the perfect opportunity to start telling the story of your living space which is carried through to your cushions, decor and accessories. Choosing a larger rug can create the illusion of a larger living room; Always choose a larger rug over a smaller one. Textures and multiple tones of rugs can instantly bring character to the room.

North Sydney project designed by Kenz Designs.

Haymarket project designed by Kenz Designs. 


Experimenting with the vertical aspect of your room can completely change the visual dimensions of that room. For example, the addition of a floor-to-ceiling wall cabinet can create the illusion of a larger space.

If you’re lucky enough to have some extra space, an effective alternative would be a sideboard or entertainment unit to bring character to the room. A sideboard can speak volumes about your personal styling and taste. It can also double as some extra storage – because, let’s face it, we all need a bit of that!

Photo by Ethnicraft featuring the Teak Graphic Black Sideboard.

Photo by GlobeWest – the Marley buffet – the detail is in the panelling, this piece brings personality to the living space. 

Project designed by us, featuring the Dahlia Entertainment Unit – Rippled detail creates textured interest and plenty of storage.

Space and balance 

It’s important to note that overall, regardless of your personal style, you should always consider balancing the quantity and size of furniture pieces and decor with the space you have available to you.

Colour and tone also play a role here. Although you may be certain of having a ‘light and airy’ space or a ‘dark and deep’ space, there should be small contrasts within your living space to offset the overall colour and tone of your room.

Have a look at this gorgeous project of ours which is a perfect example of achieving this balance.

Project designed by Kenz Designs 

Decor and accessories 

This is your perfect opportunity to choose those distinctive pieces – those finishing touches – which mean something special to you.

These pieces should continue to tell the story of your journey to creating your amazing space.

This shouldn’t be complicated – whatever brings you happiness and is pleasing to your eye – these are the pieces you should choose to compliment your living space.

Have a peek at these decor ideas – part of several projects, designed by our team at Kenz Designs:

For more tips and tricks on how to style your space or to speak to our interior designer, feel free to contact us via our socials, email or visit us at our Showroom!

The Home Office

In recent times, we have seen a complete mind shift in work culture, including the increasing acceptability of the concept of working from home.

Employees have now found themselves in a position where they are working from home quite frequently. It’s now becoming evident that many organisations will continue to adapt this flexible working arrangement, even after workplaces go back to their usual working routines.

And of course, with this, comes a longing for a comfortable and stylish space in the home to work from. Because, let’s face it, a beautiful and functional room or space is exactly what we all need to motivate us to work to our full potential! Ok, maybe our work ethic goes beyond this, but it certainly helps.

Let’s explore some options for the office space in the home.

The nook

For many of us, a dedicated room or large space for an office in the home is just not practical. Particularly with city living, we need to make good use of every nook and cranny we have, which brings us to our ‘nook look’.

The Maxwell Desk is sleek, classy and functional. It combines textures of a metal frame, a panelled oak veneer case with two drawers and a contrasting matt marble top. You just can’t look past the Maxwell for a luxurious, compact working space.

This gorgeous marble desk pairs beautifully with the stunning Abigail Arm Chair in velvet. This chair oozes elegance and class!

The functional, stylish space

Who else loves to love where they work?  In a home office, you can get really stylish, really quickly without having to do much at all! A clean, minimalistic approach is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for sophistication! It’ll also allow you to work with a clear mind and help get you through your work day (along with a lot of coffee, of course!).

We absolutely love the pairing of the gorgeous BOK Dining Table with the BOK Chair to create a clean, minimalistic and contemporary feel!

For those of us who need a compartment for everything (or those who simply want to hide their mess… we all know one), the Billy Box Drawer Unit is both functional and stylish. Designed to fit under all desks, this piece makes it easy to organise all of those bits and pieces you use on the daily but don’t want to display.

The home office

If you’ve got the space to use an entire room as a home office, consider yourself lucky! A home office space can include endless possibilities to finish the look of your work space and increase functionality.

Whether you want to brighten up your space or create a tranquil mood, a shelving unit can be so versatile and styled however you please.

We are loving the oak textures of the Whitebird Desk and Blackbird Rack. Along with the black Facette Dining Chair, the combination of these pieces brings about a sense of warmth and sophistication – perfect for that home office!

Something simple

To create a simple, modern office space, we are loving the Oak Office U Desk, which is charming and elegant. With the subtle, natural wood grain of oak, and its simple, bold lines, the U Desk is a graceful addition to a simple office space in the home. And how beautiful is the Quattro Arm Chair?! Its angled legs add height, perfect for desk seating. Its simplistic, modern design pairs beautifully with the U desk.

The icing on the cake

Whichever style option you go with, you just can’t dismiss the need to accessorise with decor. A bold statement vessel or lamp paired with an artificial plant will go a long way. And of course, every room needs a bit of artwork!

Drop a comment on our Facebook or Instagram post and share your thoughts on what you think would make the ideal home office.


man cave ideas



The infamous “Man Cave.” The only room in the house where dad can keep his collection of Star Trek memorabilia on display and hang his musical instruments like wall art. This is the place where dad goes to relax, to play, or to crack open a few cold ones while watching the game. The rest of the house may have mom’s sensible touch and keen eye for decor or perhaps, it turns into the kid’s play area during the day. But the man cave is dad’s sanctuary. Turn the sanctuary into a comfortable space that fits his personality with these 5 tips for decorating your man cave.


A comfortable and ergonomic lounge chair is the first rule of thumb. Whether you’re reading a book, watching a show, listening to music or playing a game, the lounge chair is the essential furnishing to have in your man cave. Recliners with ottomans are great for dad to lean back in and put his feet up after a long day. A modular bookshelf or a transparent display case with sturdy shelving allows you to display trinkets or show-off your prized possessions. Next, be sure to have lighting that fits your needs. Lamps with shades diffuse light creating a more mellow atmosphere. Standing lamps with exposed bulbs or less shading brighten and energize a space. Sconces and light fixtures attached to the wall or ceiling increase room and floor space. It is always best to have multiple light sources depending on the activities you like to do.


Explore different styles for your man cave that will tie the room together. Style gives the room unsurpassable character and comfort. Most styles are not meant for one specific gender; however, masculinity and femininity play a prominent role in furniture design. Rigid and geometric designs are often associated with masculinity whereas amorphic and fluid designs are associated with femininity. A combination of these can be found in styles such as Scandinavian, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Eclectic, Coastal, Industrial, Rustic and Retro. They’ll give you a variety of design options when choosing the right furniture for your man cave.

Generally, Scandinavian furniture designs are minimal with clean-lines and neutral colors. Bauhaus and Art Deco add a little more glam to the space with pops of color, geometric shapes and quirky designs. Eclectic is a blend of multiple styles, layering of various textures and patterns, with one dominant color present throughout the entirety of the space. Coastal is serene and laid-back with whitewashed accents and wicker furniture. Industrial uses metal and refurbished pieces with sturdy and exposed hardware. Rustic offers an outdoorsy feel with raw wooden fixtures and rugged furnishings. Retro utilizes vintage pieces from the past like stepping into a thoughtful time capsule. Dig deeper into the different styles to gain better insight on which style works best for your man cave.


Stick to a color palette that is consistent and complementary. Some colors look better with others. For example, avoid putting that chocolate brown pillow on top of that navy blue upholstered lounge chair. Neutral colors work well as a base such as gray, taupe, tan, cream, ivory and brown. They can easily be paired with splashes of brightly colored accents throughout the space. When adding wooden furnishings keep a consistent wood finish. Get the walnut end table with the walnut frame chair. Avoid mixing too many different wood and metal finishes in one room. Colors such as olive green, forest green, burnt orange, navy blue, mahogany red and canary yellow make excellent choices for a man cave. It can be useful to take an object from the room and base your color palette off of it. Your cherry red electric guitar may serve as the stepping stone towards your other color choices.  If you’re still having trouble, refer to a color wheel for decorating. Factor in tints, tones and shades.


Are you a film buff? A musician? A gamer? A sports fan? Maybe you love to paint or appreciate beautiful artwork? Whoever you are and whatever you like, be sure your man cave matches your personality. Once you have the style chosen, add elements of your favorite things throughout the space. Use accents as a way to showcase your personality. A musician may have his guitars hung on the wall or his favorite records framed and on display. A movie buff may have framed film posters or a mind-blowing sound system for watching movies. The sports fan may have autographed memorabilia or starting lineup figurines. Even a throw pillow with a funny phrase or a blanket with your favorite sports team will suffice. Tastefully blend your personality into the mix. Steer away from it looking like a storage locker by keeping the space fluid and organized.


Man Caves are the space to place that over-sized television, high-tech gaming system, record player that doubles as a sideboard or mini bar with your favorite liqueurs.. Treat yourself to those extras that maybe you and only you can appreciate in the household.

As every interior designer and decorator does, research different styles and refer to color swatches to lay your main colors out in front of you. Equip your man cave with the proper gear and furnishings. Give your space a personal touch by showcasing your personality through the things you love. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your space! This is, after all, the only room in the house that is all yours!


Sydney Open House
Sydney Open House


What do you look for when attending an open HOUSE in Sydney ?

You’re ready to buy a new home, congratulations! This is an exciting time but amongst all the bustle, diligence and practicality are key in making your final decision. You’ve narrowed down the potential areas you want to buy in and your agenda is filled with a list of the open houses to hit for the day. Scope out these rules of thumb when shopping around to be sure you’re buying the house of your dreams and not a hunk of junk!


If the sellers house looks and smells unpleasant, instant red flag! Don’t even bother, most sellers know to give their home a deep cleaning and to stage with upgraded furnishings before an open house. Imagine how your furniture would look in the house. If you really love what they have done with the place, consider the possibility of new furnishings for when you move. If their house is too fragrant, it could be that they are trying to mask a foul odor. Get your nose working like a bloodhound and keep your eyes peeled for pet accidents, smoke, mold or mildew.


Check for signs of poor tiling, large gaps in the foundation, uneven flooring, leaky faucets, wonky windows, faded paint, damaged roofing or dirty chimneys. A good homeowner will keep maintenance on their house regularly. Some homeowners may do shoddy DIY jobs especially if the house was flipped. Make sure doors and windows open with ease. Poor maintenance and installations are a tell-tale sign there will be some hefty repair jobs down the road. A home inspector will check for many of these things later on, but it is worth it to have a good eye so you don’t waste your time.

Mold & Water Damage

Small black and gray spots on the caulking in the bathroom or kitchen, around faucets, drains, water pipes and patches on the ceiling are all red flags for bigger mold issues down the line. Be on the lookout for a pungent scent caused by potential water damage. Keep an eye out for rust and water lines on the ceiling, walls and around exposed piping.


A beautiful creek running through the backyard or a giant oak tree perched outside the back porch? May look like a scene out of a fairytale but find out if the creek floods during rainstorms and if the giant oak tree creates a lot of debris in the autumn months. Know what’s in store when changes in the weather occur.

Owners and Neighbors

The area may be a short commute to your workplace, near the kids’ school or have a wonderful town only a few blocks away. However, who are the neighbors? A good homeowner will be there the first day of the open house. Many sellers will give you a property description hand-out sheet. The exceptional homeowners will ask their neighbors to be there to meet their potential new neighbors. They may even make it similar to a party environment with light refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. You do not have to become best friends with everyone in your neighborhood, but having them stopping by frequently and unannounced or listening to their dogs bark until midnight may eventually become troublesome.


Cosmetic enhancements are going to make the place look nice. Do not allow these sellers to fool you. That freshly painted wall or new light fixture will spruce the place up but stay smart. Keep an eye on the big-ticket items like the heating and cooling system, plumbing, roofing and flooring.

Getting down to business and making a thorough assessment of your new home and new neighborhood will ensure you’re buying a great house in a wonderful area. Keep a keen eye and friendly demeanor when attending open houses. Good luck and happy house hunting!

Your Bedroom Furniture Can Change A Look Of Your Home

In today’s time, everyone has a busy & hectic schedule. After a long hour working, we all want to relax. In that situation if we get heaven like feeling in our sweet home then our all tension, anxiety, problems turns into joy & happiness. Furniture plays a vital role to make our home beautiful. They are capable of creating each part of our house awesome.  That is why there are lots of companies which are dealing in this sector. But going to the market & then selecting the best option becomes time-consuming & confusing too. That is why there are lots of furniture store in Australia who are dealing online. So you can select the best furniture from various options. And also, can share the pics with your friends to get their opinion. You just need to do few clicks & can order them easily at your home. They provide quick home delivery.

Kenz Designs offers you with a great support. we assist you to choose the best option as per your need & budget in a friendly atmosphere. Nowadays modern & contemporary furniture are in trend.

Contemporary bedroom furniture is inspired by different time periods. Assembling the most attractive component from all such time periods takes place in it. There is the perfect integration of dark woods of colonial design and delicate tropical forms. Elegance, creativity, and flexibility form the core characteristic of contemporary furniture. It will give life to all the rooms of your home. And your home will become the center of attraction and it will give you a feeling of pride. It is the flexibility factor that makes contemporary furniture extremely popular.

If you want to give your home a comfortable and classy feel then opt for modern furniture. It will really give a fantastic look to your home. It uses perfect use of glass, wood, leather and other materials & contributes to making your home more wonderful. The most important feature of modern furniture store of Australia is proper placement of furniture and it also focuses on delivering an open space surrounding to your home.

Contemporary bedroom furniture companies in Australia offers a wide range of beds which includes fabric beds, round beds, and French provincial beds. These beds have quality and provide comfortable sleep. These designers are innovative & creative and design something new on a daily basis. You can Experience the luxury of having elegant bedrooms by shopping from them. These companies also provide bedroom furniture set. It includes beds, wardrobes, dressers, chests, nightstands, wardrobe, vanities, trunks mirrors and much more.

These beds are available in single, double, queen and king sizes. So you can choose the bed size as per your room size and as per your desire.

To know more information about Modern Furniture Store Australia visit us!!

Three Tips for Picking the Right Size Rug!

Picking the Right Size Rug


Three guidelines for choosing the proper rug size

selecting the proper sized rug is one of the hardest selections home owners face., as there are such a lot of elements to think about. rugs aren’t known for being cheap, and the sky is the limit for how much you can spend. from reasonably-priced options to high quality additions, no rug will leave your pockets completely unscathed. Throw in the fact that the size needed varies depending on the décor and you have a classic conundrum.


choosing the right rug is even more confusing than finding one that’s not outrageously prized. On one hand you don’t want it to be massive big but picking a small rug can be equally disastrous. The size of rug depends totally on your décor, which opens doorways to a myriad of tedious selections. to help our readers keep away from conventional mistakes, we compiled a list of suggestions for selecting the best rug size. These cues can help take the guesswork out of the process, so take advantage of this much needed advice!

Tips for Picking the Right Size Rug

Tip #1: No Furniture Left Behind –When picking a rug size, bigger is normally better. This rule goes for both the dining and living room. Avoid only covering the coffee table or dining table. Everyone’s feet should rest on a rug, so make sure it’s big enough to accommodate all the furniture.

Tip #2: Multiple Rugs Can Replace a Giant One – If a massive rug doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t hesitate to piece together a couple rugs in your bedroom. Having a medium to small size rug on both sides of the bed works, since they provide comfort on both sides. This lets you add two tones, so take advantage of it if you feel like it!

Tip #3: Keep the Shapes Consistent – Always pair up rugs that match the shape of the room it goes in. Rectangles should run the same way, and square rugs should match a square room. Browse our selection of Rugs to pick shapes that are consistent with your home’s needs


How To Buy A Good Quality Sofa Online?

Buy a good quality sofa online
One of the biggest furniture essentials for any living room, it is also a kind of investment that needs careful consideration and thoughts. It is a kind of furniture piece that will not only define your space but would also let others know about your sense of aesthetics and beauty. And special attention when you are buying it online. Here is a guide that will help you in making the right decision.

You must have heard a lot about various kinds of sales like online couches for sale or modern rugs on sale, or sofa beds for sale. However, the most interesting and intriguing one is the online sale of sofa sets.

  • Proper Research: Start with a quick online research for furniture stores that get your consideration and fit your style. If you are looking for furniture sale in Australia, there are some very famous brands you can choose from as per your budget. Look at their sites, or far superior, visit a nearby traditional store to pick up motivation. Continuously read the surveys online to discover what individuals are saying in regards to the thing.

For More Info :-designer furniture store

  • Size Up Your Space: The most essential counsel, as indicated by Del Toro, is to quantify your space: “Use a measuring tape, paper, and notwithstanding string to check your furniture’s format.” Also, remember to survey the span of your ways, stairways, and lifts to keep away from the bad dream of a larger than average buy.


  • Get Handsy: The most ideal approach to genuinely get a feeling of what fabrics will work for your house is to see and feel them to encounter their hues and compositions in individual.


  • Know What You Need: Acquaint yourself with the popular expressions in the item’s portrayal. Search for hardwoods that are oven dried suggest all experts. This procedure lessens the dampness substance of the wood so it is more averse to break or split. They also suggest that fabric is regularly the primary thing to hint at wear and age, so the quality and life span of the upholstery is pretty much as critical as the couch’s development. There are some other professionals who recommend the customers to get some information about the double rub count test number—the higher the better—and investigate the material’s fiber substance and strategy for weaving, both of which will add to the material’s sturdiness. If you can keeps these points in mind, it is for sure you will make a much informed decision and the chances of getting the most suitable product increase to a larger extent.